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  Kea Island - General info


Area 121 sq. Ian. Distance from Lavrio 17 nautical miles.
Distance from Piraeus 42 nautical miles.

This exceptionally picturesque island lies 15 miles from the south-east coast of Attica. It is also known as Tzia and this name is a remainder of the Venetian era. The total surface of the island is 121 sq. km. and its circumference 86 km.
The mountain masses, which are encountered in most of the Cyclades, are broken up by small valleys sparsely planted with vines and fruit-trees and run right down to the sea, opening out into pretty little bays. The highest mountain of the island is Profitis Elias (568m.). When one sees the island from far away it seems barren, but in reality there are plenty of oak trees. Many years ago the acorn shells of these trees were used for tanning purposes and that was a great source of income for the residents of Kea. The basic occupation of the islanders was and still is cattle raising. The cows of Kea are of the best; pigs, goats, sheep are also raised on the island. Apart from dairy products (milk, cheese, butter etc.), Kea also produces vegetables, fruits and nuts of high quality.
Bee-raising is another island occupation. The Kean thyme honey is famous. Pasteli is a specialty of Kea, made with sesame seed and honey. In old times, Kea had excellent wine and olive oil but nowadays the quantity of these products is rather limited.
The interior of the island is dotted with miniature chapels, windmills and monasteries, including that of Panagia Kastriani, Kea's patron saint. Many villages are samples of the Cycladic architecture.
The sea at Kea is crystal clear, the beaches are wonderful and the taverns are traditional Greek. Otzia, Panagia Kastriani, Pisses are only few of the locations that you'll never forget. Other worth mentioned villages are : Vourkari, a typical fishermen village near Korissia, Katomeria, Parameria etc.

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