Museums of Heraklion

The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion is one of the most important museums in Greece. Here are assembled almost all the finds from the Minoan era. Pottery, stone carvings, sealstones, statuettes, gold, metalwork, the marvelous frescoes from the Royal and Little Palaces and villas of the wealthy, and finally, the unique painted limestone sarcophagus from the Agia Trias. Museum Tel. No.: 081-22 60 92, or 22 46 30.

In the Historical Museum of Heraklion, exhibits from the Byzantine, Venetian and Turkish periods and historical documents of the more recent Cretan history are shown. Except these, a rich collection of folk art consisting of local costumes, textiles, wood carving and embroidery are exhibited here, as well as a representation of a tradition Cretan house. Museum Tel. No.: 081-28 32 19.