Sporades Islands

Across the shimmering water from the eastern coast of mainland Greece, lie the Sporades islands:

Here the visitor can unwind and sense the languid tempo of island Greece with its orchards, sea and green hills. All four islands have a magic of their own which is truly varied: not just rock – ribbed coasts and ribbons of golden sands, but pine – perfumed air, incredible sunsets, and uninhibited fun in Greek tavernas on some waterfront.

Yachts mingle with fishing boats, and fishermen will tell you of unsuspected grottos and fishing spots teeming with fish. You can swimm, sail or spear-fish and at mealtimes enjoy the good local food and inexpensive wine. The seafood especially is remarkable – lobster, octopus and, most remarkable of all, enormous prawns often baked with cheese and fresh tomatoes. And even in the humblest taverna you can finish your meal with superb melon, watermelon, peaches, figs and grapes.

There is no planned entertainment in these Aegean islands. So a basic appetite for just enjoying swimming and lazying in the sun is essential, getting your supplementary pleasures from short sea trips by motor launch, fishing, or rambling at will. For fun after sunset the entertainment scene is informal yet lively. There is no best-dressed contest! Most of the hotels are open to non-residents and serve anything from morning coffee to coctails.

Climate: Judging by the bronzed islanders, and by the annual sunshine records, a summer of sun and cloudless skies is no excepation. April and May are fine, warm months with temperatures ranging from 55 – 75 oF. June, July and August are the warmest with temperatures reaching as high as 95 oF. September and October are both good months, warm with a clear atmosphere and temperatures up to 75 oF. In summer the northerly wind of the Aegean Sea, the Meltemi, gives the islands a briskness and clarity even greater than that of mainland Greece.

Accommodation: As the islands’ popularity grows, so the tourist industry inevitably flourishes. There are a lot of hotels, but not enough for the tourist flow of the high season, so it is advisable to book early. There are, however, villas, and rooms to rent from individual families. For these you can contact the local tourist police.

Sporades Islands – Alonissos

Sporades Islands – Skiathos

Sporades Islands – Skopelos

Sporades Islands – Skyros